Saturday, January 2, 2010

great aunts

I went to my cousin's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's today. It was nice until more people started showing up. I enjoyed myself, though.
After that we headed to my grandparents' house and had some gumbo. My family members were disoriented by my outfit today. They thought I was wearing a dress that came above my butt and some tights. I had to explain to them that I'm wearing leggings as pants today, but they went on about how my shirt is not long enough and blah blah blah. They always have something to say about what I wear, its always something! They also constantly remind me of how skinny my legs are, as if I forget. I've always wanted more shapelier legs. Especially my thighs. The leggings I wore today did not help at all. They make my butt look flat and sucked in. Ughhh.

I don't know where I got the jacket or the turtleneck or belt from, but the leggings are from Wal-Mart, the boots are from Forever 21 as well as my bag.


The CultureCynic said...

hahahaha the first line is was nice until ppl started showing up....classic!! lol...u loook well put together and proper...legz for days!!

Ava said...

Are you kidding? YOUR LEGS ARE DAMN GORGEOUS, GIRL!!-- I wish I had long gams like yours!! :)
That Forever 21 bag is absolutely gorgeous, too-- I'm always pleasantly surprised at their amazing accessories!


Roxana said...

classy, beautiful look! love it!

Fashion Chalet said...

LOVE the outfit, so rocker chick cool! :)

Happy New Year, Tiana!


Delmy said...

There is nothing wrong with you.
Parents can a bit critical. Mine are a times. Dont worry about it.

unstoppablestyle said...

i am so loving your blog. you dress how i'd dress. so great to find other black girls who know how to put clothes together!!! :)

check out my blog sometime.

Josie said...

looks gorgeous! i love the pairing of the gray and black!

The Freakum Dress said...

Love your jacket !