Saturday, August 27, 2011

oh yeah i forgot

I got my nose pierced.

Monday, August 22, 2011

day 1 of da college lyfe

My family happily moved me in to my dorm room yesterday afternoon in blazing hot Texas sun. We had lunch afterwards then they dropped me off to start this new experience on my own. So far, it's pretty cool. My roommate i nice, I love my room: it's clean, organized and it's way better than the room I have at home.
This week is Panthercamp: Freshman Orientation which consists heavily with speakers telling us what is yet to come for our first year in college.
But other than that I'm extremely excited and surprisingly, I'm itching to get started on my studies!

I'm wearing a Forever 21 crop top, American Apparel disco pants, Forever 21 sandals and an American Apparel twist scarf.

Friday, August 12, 2011

hair transition part 2

So, I did end up getting my hair braided, but it turned out to be disaster. It was styled completely wrong. Nothing went as I had pictured it. I took them down the next morning. They were already coming out by then, anyway!

So now that braids aren't an option right now, I'm headed to the salon first thing in the morning and starting at the basics of hair care! I might have to chop my hair off to get rid of the breakage and the damage from the hair color. So be it!

I love wearing this wrap on days I don't feel like doing my hair, or if I just want a different look. It makes me feel pretty elegant. Along with the scarf I'm wearing an American Apparel crop top, a second-hand skirt and Steve Madden wedges.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hair Transition Part 1.

I'm in the process of growing out my hair from it's super duper short length (Archive Jan 2011). For the process, I've been wearing my hair in weaves to keep from putting too much stress on it. I made the mistake of dying and highlighting it, causing my hair to break off. It's so brittle now. Cute color, but probably the worst color-treatment experience I've ever had.

I'm going to miss my hair like this:

I took that hair down, and in the meantime, I am sporting this wig I recently bought:

But I won't be wearing it long this week, but I'm getting my hair braided soon. Amazing braids like these, can't wait:

image source: Zizzi's Secret Wardrobe