Sunday, April 4, 2010


I didn't like the weather today. It was muggy and sticky and hot.
As you can see, I have a bad habit of recycling pieces in my closet. That's because I don't have any clothes.

I have no idea where the blazer is from, it was a gift. Shirt is from American Apparel, pants from the thrift store, and heels are of Forever 21.

Here's some fish at the megachurch, IBOC.


Anonymous said...

you are most likely the prettiest person i've seen. srsly.
i admire your photography, what camera are you using?

Tiana said...

aw thank you johanna!
i'm using a Nikon D3000.

Chanel Craves said...

Love ur blog. Check out mine.

Trop Rouge said...

this is such a pretty picture of you

Vintage.Qtee said...

ah that my church