Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh, she's only Seventeen...

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday with some good friends.

That was my outfit by the end of the night.
Men's GAP shirt and American Apparel double U-dress worn as skirt, Forever 21 leather jacket and boots.

My outfit began as this, but things changed.
Boots from thrift.

My friends and I rode the bus to Downtown Dallas and had some wonderful pizza.

We took the train to one of my favorite shopping areas, Mockingbird Station, and just relaxed. It started to rain on us.

We then went to Northpark Mall.

While at Northpark, in Forever21, my shoe's sole was hanging by a thread! I had to purchase some before we left because with every step, I was afraid that the sole was going to come off completely.

I tried on some amazing trousers and bebe and purchased those babies in an instant after trying them on. I've been looking for some good pants! A dream come true. The shoes that I tried with the pants looked great, but I couldn't afford them. Instead, I bought some look alikes at Forever21.

And that was my birthday. I was so happy to shop and to see everyone!


Nubiasnonsense said...

Very cool b day! your only 17? I wouldnt be able to tell being that you have such a nice style and seem more mature =)\

Happy belated b day

Ashley said...

Happy belated! I love both outfits.