Sunday, August 29, 2010

Diamond Fishnets

My hair is fading tremendously, which is good. Don't dye your hair red! It's a difficult color to work with when putting makeup and clothes together.

I'm wearing a Heritage 21 jacket (Forever 21), a striped tank from the thrift store, and American Apparel tights and skirt. My shoes are Steve Madden.


Anonymous said...

your figure is made for outfits like these. or the other way around. the skirt just folds beautifully.

actually, the hair couldn't be more brilliant. fading hair color is part of the concept that is cool hair.

Fashionably Black said...

I love this look! So chic!

tiana b. said...

Thanks so much, Johanna. :)
& thanks FB

agnes said...

Tu est MAGNIFIQUE, et ce look te vas vraiment très très bien.
J'aime beaucoup ta jupe

Ria said...

Um gorgeous girl, gorgeous photography, fabulous outfits. You should be major. Fading hair is such a good thing right now.

Nataliexxx said...

I <3 this look! It's so chic yet young and quirky. So happy I discovered your corner of the web!!