Saturday, June 13, 2009

lights out

Ayer, the electricity went out in the neighborhood at around 10am and didn't return until 5am! There was nothing at all to do except chill outside till dark. I rode my bike around the neighborhood.

But today, I enjoyed myself with him; first at Chipotle, then to the mall. It was nice.

I'm not really into cheesy graphic tees, but there was something about this one I loved. It was bought by him.Thank you. :)

lights out!


aya said...

aawww! he sounds sweet the shirt is cool!

NICOLE said...

i love your shoes and your blog is nice btw

Anonymous said...

my friend has that tee and she never lets me borrow it. understandable though, she wouldn't get it back. ha ha

you are a lucky one to have him.


The Queen of Hearts said...

Those are adorable boots. I really quitelike them.