Monday, March 16, 2009

don't wake me up please


Day One of Spring Break has begun and so far, it's been very boring.
Today I was stuck at home with my little brothers with nothing to eat but noodles de la cup and frozen chicken nuggets.

My dad is going to purchase an XBOX 360. It's about time!

I went bowling with my family on Saturday. It was much fun!
The alley was of an old building and inside smelled like cigarettes, but the atmosphere was very lively! The bowling shoes that were provided were very cool as well. I should have photographed them, but they were highlighter yellow, pink, and green.


Rubber Arms


Anonymous said...

amazing - the bowling shoes must have matched greatly with this look!
cool necklace!

you are so so so pretty

Kinja said...

aaw I love your style girl!