Sunday, February 22, 2009


Finally! My teacher has given us an assignment in fashion class that I will actually enjoy! She told us to make 7 outfits out of our "season" color scheme. There was WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, and AUTUMN. We took turns draping different color clothes over our shoulders and the rest of the class judges which color looks best that person. Whatever the similar colors add up to, results your "season". I'm AUTUMN, so that left me with colors like RUST, DEEP-PERIWINKLE, ECRU, PEACOCK, and OLIVE. I barely own any of these colors. We were told to take photos of all seven outfits, and here are the ones I liked most,

Tomato red is in your season!

The colors used aren't identical to what the paper said to use, but they're close enough!


This is a photo of a scene I'm doing in a school-made music video. It's mad corny!


Anonymous said...

sounds and looks so fun!
a yummy mix of autumn shades you're wearing, they certainly match you. love the light in the photos.

aw, i want to know what season i'd be, ha.

aya said...

I don't own any of those colours either but sounds just like too much fun! How come you have a class like thaaaat I want one too

net said...

you are so cool