Tuesday, January 6, 2009

wake up monty, it's a school day!


I love taking photos of the sky. Sometimes, the sun looks like an endless explosion; a sunburst.

Today was the first day of school from the Christmas break.
I believe I was pretty excited to go back this morning, see my friends and all.
The weather is cold, but not as biting as it can get.
I'm not all that good at winter dressing.
Below is something I wore today. School uniform.


WendyB said...

Looking cute!

k.c said...

love from ldn.


aya said...

love the pics x

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

thats a cute school uniform...i probably wouldnt have mind uniforms when i was younger if they looked half as stylish as that one.

T MNSTR (tiana) said...

Our school uniform is pretty flexible. We're given options on what shirts and pants we want to wear, but they're specific colors and so on.

Vintage Tea said...

you look so cute and lovely pics of the sky (know what u mean!) lol

Mademoiselle Barbara said...

Foaaaaaaaaals !!!! ^^

mad said...

Ok I so love Foals too! They are like complete frikkin genius. That proves it, we have same great taste in music. Mwaha.